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Timecard LBS Lite

Timecard LBS Lite is our Timecard LBS application without the time and attendance reports. Timecard LBS Lite would be the product of choice for companies looking for strictly location tracking. Timecard LBS Lite offers tracking information such as location, speed and mileage. In addition, LBS Smart Fence Technology, Bread Crumb Trails, Speed Triggers are also available with Timecard LBS Lite. A onetime $15 set-up fee per device is required.

** Setup, build and monthly fees may apply.

$11.99 / Monthly Subscription per Device
Data Charges Apply

You may incur data charges when accessing the network. Get applicable Data Plan.

Publisher: Econz Wireless
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By downloading this application you agree, represent and warrant that your use of the Timecard GPS application will be solely for your lawful use and for no other purpose. By subscribing to and/or using the application, you are consenting and permitting US Cellular to gather, collect and use information regarding the location of the device in order to deliver the location based services provided through the use of the application you are downloading. US Cellular does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information including location information displayed and disseminating personally identifiable information about yourself or the location to third parties. Do not attempt to enter or change information while driving. Please observe US Cellular's "Drive Responsibly" policy which can be found on this website. Service could be interrupted or disrupted due to atmospheric conditions, inaccurate ephemeris data or other factors associated with the use of satellites and satellite data. Specified GPS handset required for use. Internet access required for use. Airtime charges apply. Please be sure to add an unlimited data plan to your cellular service price plan. If you choose not to add an unlimited data plan you will incur (Depending on your plan) airtime changes at applicable coverage rates if you exceed your minutes bundle or you will be changed per megabyte ("MB") at a per MB rate set by your wireless carrier for downloading the application and/or any data usage for the application.