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Buy any three Business Solutions items and get 15% off each item.
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Buy any three Business Solutions items and get 15% off each item.

Compatible Devices


iPhone® 5c - Blue 16GB
iPhone® 5s - Gold 64GB
iPhone® 5c - Pink 16GB
iPhone® 5c - Green 16GB
iPhone® 5c - White 16GB
iPhone® 5s - Space Gray 32GB
iPhone® 5s - Silver 64GB
iPhone® 5s - Gold 32GB
iPhone® 5s - Space Gray 64GB
iPhone® 5c - Blue 32GB
iPhone® 5c - Yellow 16GB
iPhone® 5c - Yellow 32GB
iPhone® 5c - White 32GB
iPhone® 5c - Pink 32GB
iPhone® 5c - Green 32GB
iPhone® 4s - Black 8GB
iPhone® 4s - White 8GB
iPhone® 5s - Gold 16GB
iPhone® 5s - Silver 32GB
iPhone® 5s - Silver 16GB
iPhone® 5s - Space Gray 16GB


One™ V
Merge™ (Certified Pre-Owned)
One™ V (Certified Pre-Owned)


Hydro XTRM


Splendor™ (Certified Pre-Owned)
Optimus F7™


Moto X™ - Woven White
Moto X™ - Woven Black
Electrify™ 2
Electrify™ 2 (Certified Pre-Owned)
Moto X™ - Turquoise
Electrify™ M
Moto X™ - Woven Black (Certified Pre-Owned)


Galaxy Note® 3 - Titanium 32GB
Repp™ (Certified Pre-Owned)
Galaxy Note® II - Titanium 16GB
Galaxy S® 4 Mini - Black Mist
ATIV Odyssey™
Galaxy Metrix™ 4G
Galaxy S® III - White 16GB
Galaxy S® III - Blue 16GB
Galaxy S® III - White 32GB
Galaxy Mega™
Galaxy S® 4 Mini - White Frost
Galaxy S® 5 - Shimmery White 16GB
Galaxy S® 5 - Charcoal Black 16GB
Galaxy S® 4 - Black Mist 16GB
Galaxy S® 4 - White Frost 16GB
Galaxy Axiom™
Galaxy S® II - White
Galaxy S® II
Galaxy S® 5 - Gold 16GB
Galaxy Mega™ (Certified Pre-Owned)


Grand S Pro™


Jabra Freeway Car Kit

Jabra Freeway Car Kit

Drive responsibly and stay connected on the road with the hands-free mode and voice prompts. Turns itself on and off with build-in motion sensor.

iBolt sPro2 Dock

Drive safe and legal with the sPro2. The dock is compatible with most case/phone combinations and is designed for easy, one-handed operation. Stylish and easy to install with hard-wearing, durable construction. It can be placed on the dashboard or windshield securely with the ROK II Suction Mount. Fits phone/case combinations from 110mm to 150mm long, and unlimited width.

iBolt sPro2 Dock

3.1amps Universal Rapid Car Charger Bullet

3.1amps Universal Rapid Car Charger Bullet

Fast charging with universal USB ports to charge up to two devices (iOS or Android) at the same time. One port provides 1amp output and the other provides 2amp for rapid charging. This charger can support either two devices or one device and one tablet.

  • Perfect charger for powerful tablets and smartphones
  • Dual USB input ports to charge two devices at once (cables sold separately)
  • Talk and charge at the same time
  • Soft, rubberized grip for easy plug in and out
  • 3.1 amps total charging power