Contact backup applications for Android™ users.

We appreciate your loyalty. Because you deserve the best wireless experience possible, we're always looking for ways to improve phone features and applications. And that means from time to time, we have to retire some older, outdated applications.

As of September 30th, 2013 customers with Smartphone devices will no longer be able to access their My Contacts Backup account. The good news is we have alternative solutions that will give you the functionality you need.

We understand that accidents happen. With Device Protection you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars in case of theft, loss or accidental damage to your wireless device. It also covers mechanical or electrical breakdown losses after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Please find below some alternative apps that other Android™ users back up their contacts with.

Mobile Data Security (Postpay Customers Only)

U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security is a new app that not only backs up your contacts, but also provides many additional tools! With the free version, you are able to back up your contacts and utilize features such as anti-virus, safe browsing, data-use monitoring, and call/text block. With the full version, you also get account protection, anti-eavesdropping, remote data wipe, and backup for your pix, videos and text messages! Learn more.

U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security also has an app for customers using Android Messaging Plus devices. (These are Android devices that do not have full Internet access.) If you have a Messaging Plus device and want to update your My Contacts Backup plan to Mobile Data Security, click here.

Mobile Data Security


Gmail™ allows you to sync your contacts through the Google account that you were asked to signup for when you first got your Android device. Learn more.


Google Play™ Marketplace

In the Google Play™ Marketplace, there are many options to back up your information. Search for applications that will back up your contacts.

Google Play
Exporting current contacts:
Please note that if you do not choose any of the apps listed above, we recommend that you download your contacts before September 30, 2013. After September 30, you will not have the ability to export your contacts from My Contacts Backup. Once your contacts are exported, you can always upload them into a new app, or simply save the file for safe keeping. Login into your My Contacts Backup account.

Additional Resources

For more questions, please contact U.S. Cellular Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400.