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Windows® Phone Tethering

You can use your smartphone as a modem to access the Internet from your PC. To take advantage of this tethering feature, you must have an APPROVED DATA PLAN associated with your account.

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Windows® Phone Tethering

In order to use your Windows phone as a tethered modem you'll need the following:

  • USB cable which came with your original purchase
  • Microsoft ActiveSync software which came with your original purchase

If you need another copy of this software you can download Microsoft ActiveSync software here.

To proceed in setting up your Windows® phone as a tethered modem please click on your smartphone model below and follow the set-up instructions provided.

Samsung Exec HTC Touch Pro 2 HTC Snap HTC Touch Pro
Samsung Exec™ HTC Touch Pro 2™ HTC Snap™ HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch HTC PPC 6800 Motorola Q9c Motorola Q
HTC Touch™ HTC PPC 6800 Motorola Q9c™ Motorola Q™
HTC 7 Pro ZTE Render    
HTC 7 Pro™
(Tethering not available)
ZTE Render™