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BlackBerry® 7130e Shortcuts

On the Home Screen 

To: Do:
Return to home screen
from any other screen
Press End
Lock the keyboard Hold (*) or click Keyboard Lock
Unlock the keyboard Press (*) +Send or doubleclick Trackwheel
Switch between Default and Vibrate notification profiles Hold #
Switch to another application Hold Alt
Press Escape
Continue to hold Alt
Select application
Release Alt to switch to that application


To: Do:
Open phone Press Send
End call Press End
Call selected name
or phone number
Press Send
Call a speed dial number Hold assigned number key
Type an extension Press ZX
Type extension number
Call your voice mail access number Hold 1
Type a letter in a number field Hold Alt and press letter key once for the first letter and twice for the second letter
Turn mute on/off during call Press Exclamation point (!) key
Switch between the speaker and earpiece during call Press Period (.) key
Change volume during call Roll Trackwheel


To: Do:
Open the selected message Press Enter
Compose message
from messages list
Press Comma (,) key
Reply to message Press Exclamation point (!) key
Forward message Press Period (.) key
Reply to all Press Question mark (?) key
View received messages Press Alt + 3
View SMS messages Press Alt + Question mark (?) key
View MMS messages Press Alt + 9
View phone call logs Press Alt + Period (.) key
View voice mail messages Press Alt + 7


To: Do:
To type words quickly
using SureType™
Press keys one time for one letter
Type entire word before attempting to make a correction
Scroll across list that appears when you type Press Next or roll Trackwheel
Choose selected item in list that appears when you type Press Enter or click Trackwheel
Insert a period Press Space twice
Next letter is capitalized
Capitalize a letter Hold the letter key until capitalized letter appears
Type alternate character on a key Press Alt and press the character key
Type a symbol Press Alt + Symbol
Press Symbol again to view more symbols
Type letter shown below symbol
Type an accent or special character Hold letter key and roll Trackwheel
Click selected character
To insert @ and periods in an email field Press Space
Turn on NUM lock Press Shift + Alt
Turn off NUM lock Press Alt
To switch between SureType and multi-tap input methods in a text field Hold*

Navigating Screens 

To: Do:
Move cursor Roll Trackwheel
Exit a screen or dialog box Press Escape
Click an icon or menu item Roll Trackwheel to select item
Click Trackwheel
Select multiple items or characters Hold Shift and roll Trackwheel
Move to top of screen Press 1
Move to bottom of screen Press 7


To: Do:
Pan horizontally across an image Hold Alt key and roll Trackwheel
Zoom in on an image Press 3. To continue zooming, hold Shift and roll Trackwheel
Zoom out of an image Press 9. To continue zooming, hold Shift and roll Trackwheel
Rotate an image Press Period (.) key

General Tips 

To: Do:
Increase the brightness of backlight Press power button
Reboot Remove battery
Save battery Turn off BlackBerry handset in fringe or no-coverage areas


To: Do:
Create an appointment Press Period (.) key
Move to next day, week or month Press 6
Move to previous day, week or month Press 4
Move cursor horizontally in Week view Hold Alt and roll Trackwheel
Move cursor vertically in Month view Hold Alt and roll Trackwheel


To: Do:
Open browser and display list of bookmarks made available by service provider Press Convenience key
Edit web address in Go To dialog box Hold Alt and roll Trackwheel
Select address
Edit text
Click Trackwheel
Move down a page Press 9
Move up a page Press 3
Move between full-screen mode and normal mode Press Exclamation point (!) key