Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

There are several great ways to connect instantly and communicate in real-time with friends and family using Instant Messaging (IM) on your U.S. Cellular® phone.

IM via Text Messaging 

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Mobile AIM® - IM Forwarding

IM Forwarding is a great way to keep the conversation flowing, no matter where you are. You can forward instant messages to your cell phone when you're away from your computer and reply directly to the message as a Text Message. Plus your buddies will know that you're online while using your mobile phone. There's no download required for this service. Simply set up IM Forwarding by registering with AOL Mobile and following the set up instructions.

Yahoo! Mobile

Yahoo®! Messenger For SMS

Yahoo! Messenger for SMS allows you to access features of Yahoo! Messenger on your phone through text messaging (SMS). You don't need a data plan - with Yahoo! Messenger for SMS, you can sign in, sign out, send, receive and reply to messages through your existing text messaging plan.

Check out how to set up Yahoo! Messenger for SMS by visiting Yahoo! Mobile Services.

Standard Text Messaging rates apply when using IM Forwarding and Yahoo!® Messenger

IM for Smartphones 

U.S. Cellular offers you three Smartphone solutions to choose from - AndroidTM, BlackBerry® and Windows® Phone. All Smartphones come with pre-loaded Instant Messaging Services so you can communicate the way you want. And you can download additional IM apps - many for free - from the application stores available on each type of device.