E-mail Messaging

E-mail Messaging

Having access to e-mail wherever you are can make your day more productive. U.S. Cellular® e-mail options will keep you moving, allowing you to send, receive and reply to messages while you're on the go.

E-mail on Smartphones 

Android-Powered Phones
  • Access multiple e-mail accounts through one mail folder
  • Dedicated Gmail application as part of the integrated suite of Google services
  • Supports popular e-mail services, including Hotmail®, Yahoo!®*, AOL®, Comcast, Gmailand more
  • Synchronizes with your Exchange e-mail and contacts+
* Yahoo! requires a subscription to Yahoo! Mail Plus for POP3 mail access. More information can be found at Yahoo! customers without a POP3 account access can use the phone's browser to access Yahoo! Mail by entering into the address field of the browser or download the Yahoo! Mail application from Android Market.
+ Third party Calendar synchronization solutions may be found on Android MarketTM or from other Android app developers.
BlackBerry Phones

With either a BlackBerry Enterprise Server® or the BlackBerry Internet ServiceTM, the BlackBerry Wireless Solution from U.S. Cellular will help individuals and businesses stay connected, informed and organized.

BlackBerry Internet ServiceTM

  • Integrate up to 10 POP3 e-mail accounts including Yahoo!®, MSN, AOL®, or Internet Service Provider (ISP) e-mail accounts*
  • Option to create a new personal e-mail account ""
  • No inbox storage limit
  • 128-bit encryption

BlackBerry Enterprise Server®

  • Simplified management and centralized control of BlackBerry devices for IT departments
  • Secure access to corporate E-mail systems
  • Wirelessly synchronize calendar and address book information with Lotus® Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange or Novell® GroupWise®
  • No need to carry a separate PDA or wireless phone
* Contact your e-mail provider. Additional charges may apply to forward POP3 e-mail to your wireless handheld.
Windows Phones

The Windows Mobile® operating system allows for wireless e-mail for personal use or for businesses using a Microsoft Exchange Server

Personal E-mail

  • Access multiple e-mail accounts through one messaging folder
  • Send and receive e-mail anytime thanks to delivery options that fit your needs
  • Supports popular e-mail services, including Hotmail®, Yahoo!®, AOL®, Comcast, GmailTM and more

Corporate E-mail

  • Direct Push syncronization of Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks*
  • Secure, wireless e-mail with security options that fit your needs
  • Simplified management for IT administrators
* Direct Push e-mail and Direct Push syncronization of Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks are available only with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and later

Email Via Text, Picture and Video Messaging 

Your Text Messaging e-mail address is your 10-digit wireless phone number followed by
(i.e. which can be used the same way you use your other e-mail addresses.

Your Picture and Video Messaging e-mail address is your 10-digit wireless phone number followed by
(i.e. This service makes it possible for you (or anyone else) to e-mail pictures, video clips, and up to 500 characters of text from a computer to your wireless phone.