Tips for Protecting Your Android™ Device and Data

Smartphones continue to grow in popularity and are now as powerful and functional as many computers. It's important to protect your smartphone just like you protect your computer as mobile cybersecurity threats are growing. Mobile security tips can help you reduce the risk of exposure to mobile security threats.
  • Device Protection+

    You can't always prevent your phone from being damaged, lost or stolen, but you can make sure it's replaced quickly and easily – so you're not left speechless. Enroll in Device Protection+ to protect your device in the event of unforeseen incidents resulting in damage, loss or theft.

  • Always report a stolen device

    When you know that your device has been stolen, always report it to local law enforcement and give U.S. Cellular® notice as well. This will ensure that your data is protected and that the device is not able to be activated by an unauthorized user.

  • Back-up your Device's Information

    Reduce anxiety of data loss when upgrading to a new device. U.S. Cellular has an in-store solution that easily transfers content from device to device regardless of phone manufacturer or wireless carrier. Or, here are a few alternative solutions to help you transfer your content quickly on your own:

    • Use A MicroSD Card - This is a secured memory card that can be used with a variety of devices. Save contacts to your SD card by going to:
      Contacts > Menu > Export to SD card on your phone.**
    • Mobile Data Security - This app will provide a comprehensive mobile security, privacy, and recovery solution to keep your device and data secure in the event of a lost or stolen phone. Contacts and Content will be protected as one of its key features.
    • Back-up Contacts using a cloud service***

      Go to Settings > Privacy or Back Up on your phone. Check the boxes for Back up my settings and Automatic restore. Make sure that under Backup account you specify the Google account for which you want to backup data. Next, go to Setting > Account & Sync, tap on the Google account you want to sync, and check all the available options. This will allow your data to be stored in your easy-to-access Google account and moved from your old Android device to your new Android device.

    • Back-up Text Messages Using A Cloud Service*** - SMS Backup+ allows you to keep your SMS, MMS, and Call Log synced with your Gmail Account.
    • Back-up Photos & Videos Using A Cloud Service*** - Google+ Instant Upload allows you to upload photos and videos automatically. Enable Instant Upload and any photo or video you take is automatically uploaded to a private album on Google+.
  • Set a password on your device

    You may set a password on your device's home-screen as the first line of defense for privacy protection. It's recommended that your device locks after five minutes of inactivity.

  • Install trusted apps

    Always be cautious about applications you are downloading that may have access to your data.

  • Install security apps with remote locator and lock/wipe functionality

    The Mobile Data Security app will provide a comprehensive mobile security, privacy, and recovery solution to keep your device and data secure in the event of a lost or stolen phone.

  • Accept software patches or updates when prompted by U.S. Cellular, the device's manufacturer or the app's provider

  • Ensure you are using a secure Network

    Make your wireless internet connections more secure, including when using public Wi-Fi, and utilize a trusted network operator to reduce your risk of exposure. By downloading our Mobile Data Security App (coming soon), you will have enhanced security protection by receiving notifications of any malicious websites or applications prior to usage. For accessibility to Wi-Fi Networks, we offer the Wi-Fi Now App which makes connecting fast and convenient.

  • Ensure that you wipe all data on your phone before others use it

    Completely erase data and reset your device to its original settings to protect your privacy. Please refer to your device's user manual for the directions on how to initiate a factory data reset.

*Sources: For more information and the most current tips, please visit:

**Please reference your device user manual for step by step instructions

***U.S. Cellular is not responsible for third-party applications. By using any of the listed applications you agree to be bound by the third-party application's terms and conditions.