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U.S. Cellular Protector Series

Device Protection+

We understand that accidents happen. With Device Protection+, you won't have to worry about a costly replacement. Your wireless device is covered if it malfunctions due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, or if it is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

Device Protection

Mobile Data Security

Premium protection against virus threats for your Android™ device. Lock your device if it is lost or stolen and delete sensitive data remotely.

Mobile Data Security

Family Protector

Includes parental controls and family finder services while protecting your child's privacy and security.

Family Protector

Privacy Protector

Protects your private photos, videos, messages and calls from prying eyes. Gives you control over the security of your private data.

Privacy Protector

Overage Protection

Monitor your wireless usage to avoid overage charges. Overage Protection from U.S. Cellular® makes it easy to keep track of your wireless costs. We'll automatically notify you with a Text Message alert when your voice minutes, messages, or data approach and exceed your plan limits.

Overage Protection


Lets you know who is calling and texting you, while giving you the power to report and block anyone abusing your phone number.



Identity theft remains one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation. LifeLock identity theft protection is a proactive defense system that helps keep your personal information safe.

Call 1-800-LifeLock or visit and use promo code USCELLto receive a special offer.


LifeLine Response™

Empower yourself with LifeLine Response™. It is the first and only Patent Protected personal safety mobile app to utilize natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations by immediately alerting authorities if the user is in need of help. Take control of your safety with LifeLine Response.

LifeLine Response

The U.S. Cellular® Protector Series offers security, safety and peace of mind while using your Smartphone. This unique set of services protects your phone and the information inside it, as well as your identity and privacy. It can help you stay up-to-date on how your children are using their phones and even alert you when you're approaching your usage limits.