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Slacker Radio


Slacker offers the most personalized content of any radio service available. Listen for Free to over 200 expert-programmed stations, ESPN Radio, ABC News stations, comedy programming, exclusive artist-hosted stations, and music festival stations. Or create your own stations based on your preferences from a library that's 10 times larger than the nearest competitor and composed of millions of songs from thousands of artists.

Upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus for even more features like the ability to store stations on your phone's memory card and listen without a connection! Upgrade to Slacker Premium Radio to listen to specific songs or albums whenever or wherever you want.

Slacker Radio now has a new and improved look and feel for a cleaner and brighter experience, whether you are listening on your mobile or on your web browser. The updated Slacker experience makes finding new music easier and improves access to all your current music. Upgrade to the latest version of Slacker Radio on your mobile to take advantage of this new, exciting update.

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Features & Benefits 

Slacker Basic Radio: Free ad-supported radio 

  • All music content available on all platforms with over 200 professionally created genres and ability to create unlimited customer stations
  • Limited to 6 skips per station per hour
  • Limited access to premium content such as ESPN and ABC News.
  • View partial lyrics
  • Limited to online streaming content only with no ability to store stations, playlists and albums on to your device for off-line playback.

Slacker Radio Plus

  • Completely ad-free listening
  • Unlimited song skips and deeper "fine tune" options
  • Access to premium content including personalized ABC News and customized ESPN radio stations with your favorite teams, sports, and shows.
  • View complete song lyrics (lyrics not available on all songs)
  • Store thousands of songs on your device from radio stations for off-line playback, even without a data connection.

Slacker Premium Radio

  • All features of the Radio Plus version
  • Create custom playlists of your favorite songs and set the exact order of play and edit your playlist anytime.
  • Store individual songs, albums, and playlists, in addition to playing stations, to your device for off-line playback anytime, even without a data connection.
  • On-Demand Access featuring:
    • Single artist radio
    • Album and song level playback from a catalog of 10 million+ tracks (not all songs available for on-demand play due to music license restrictions)
    • Replay songs on Slacker radio stations

Once you have a Slacker Radio account, you can listen to your customized stations and playlists on your Smartphone or on other devices, such as your home PC or your tablet!


Pricing can be found on the Catalog page

Where to Download 

This application may be downloaded to your device through the following methods:

Google Play BlackBerry® App World Windows™ Marketplace
Google Play BlackBerry® App World Windows™ Marketplace
Go Go Go

Data Saving Tips 

Play your music over Wi-Fi so you will not go over your data plan package.

Use our Data Estimator tool to ensure that you have the right data plan for your needs.

Subscription versions have off–line playback of your select stations that do not use data and there is no loss of connectivity when you do not have a signal. Plus it improves your phone's battery life. The space available depends on the device's memory capacity.

Slacker Radio Data Saving Tips

Steps to register for caching (only required once):

  • Select your station to be cached
  • Select Menu on your device
  • Select "More" then "Cache Station"
  • A note to "perform a one time registration to use caching" will appear, select "yes"
  • Then a notification of memory availability and the number of stations you can cache will appear — select "yes" if there is memory