Text Messaging

Short Cuts

When sending a message, you're limited to 160 characters - that's letters, numbers, and spaces. That means to get your message across, u nd 2 sqsh ur wrds 2 cnsrv spce. Squashing your words not only saves space, it saves time.

Some common short cuts are listed below:

Original Word Short Cut
Any NE
Anyone NE1
Are you okay? RUOK
Be B
Be right back BRB
Be seeing you BCNU
Before B4
Bye for now BFN
Can't wait to see you CW2CU
Joking <J>
Laughing out loud LOL
Laughter :D
See you later CUL8R
Talk to you later TTYL
Thank you THNQ
To, Too 2
Today 2DAY
Tomorrow 2MORO
Tonight 2NITE
Want to...? WAN2
What's up? SUP