Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Send, receive and reply to text messages with your U.S. Cellular® phone. Use Text Messaging to send messages to U.S. Cellular customers, as well as friends, family and co-workers who use other wireless carriers. Just use the keyboard on your phone to type your message. When you send it to the recipient's 10-digit wireless number, the message appears on their screen.

Text Messaging Options

Shared Connect Plans

Unlimited Text

Individual Line Plans

Unlimited Text

Prepaid Plans

Unlimited Text

Premium Messaging Content

Premium Messaging Content programs are sponsored and run by third parties. These programs vary in price and content, but the most common allow you to vote on television programs, sign up for text alerts or participate in chat services.


International Text Messaging

Send and receive texts from over 100 countries right from your wireless phone at competitive prices.


Text Messaging E-Mail Address

When you don't have access to a computer or it's inconvenient to place a phone call, you can send, receive and reply to e-mails using Text Messaging directly from your U.S. Cellular wireless phone.

Included with any Text Messaging plan, you also automatically receive a text messaging e-mail address to send, receive and reply to e-mail via text message. Your text messaging e-mail address is your 10-digit wireless phone number followed by (i.e. which can be used the same way you use your other e-mail addresses. When you want to send a text message to an e-mail address, simply enter the recipient's e-mail address in the "To" field. Outgoing messages and replies are charged as text messages. All incoming messages are FREE and UNLIMITED.

For messages sent to or from an e-mail address, there is a 400-character limit per message, and messages may be divided into separately delivered segments of approximately 120 characters.

Digital phone and service required. Functionality may depend on other carrier's networks and phones. U.S. Cellular does not guarantee message delivery or timeliness. 160-character limit per message for Text Messaging from wireless phone to wireless phone. For messages sent to or from an e-mail address, there is a 400 character limit; messages may be segmented into smaller units. U.S. Cellular not responsible for content of messages. A charge of 25¢ per outgoing message applies if no messaging package is selected or existing package limit is exceeded. For internet transmission, message content including your phone number may be intercepted by third parties. By using U.S. Cellular's Text Messaging you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions