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High-Speed Internet

Connect at home, at the office, or on-the-go with high-speed internet from U.S. Cellular®.

Our 4G LTE™ Network provides a fast, reliable and secure internet connection for all your devices. Take your high-speed internet connection with you if you move, work offsite or while on vacation.

Plus, no professional installation is required. Setting up your high-speed internet has never been easier.

High-Speed Internet Devices

Unite II Mobile Hotspot
Unite II Hotspot from U.S. Cellular

It's connectivity on-the-go so you can access high-speed internet anywhere you choose.

4G LTE Router With Voice
4G LTE Router with Voice from U.S. Cellular

Offers both high-speed internet and voice services for a truly connected experience.

4G LTE Router by Netgear
4G LTE Router by Netgear from U.S. Cellular

Get faster, more affordable and easier-to-install high-speed internet for your home or office.

4G LTE Wireless Modem
4G LTE Wireless Modem from U.S. Cellular

Get a reliable and secure single connection with all the additional security and IT features.