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Get our best plan pricing ever. Walk out of the store every year with the latest devices for $0 down.

Get all the features and benefits of a Shared Connect plan without the commitment. With Retail Installment Pricing, spread the cost of your device over 20 months, and add a tablet to your plan for $10.

  • Save up to $30/mo. on each line
  • Upgrade your phone every 12 months
  • $0 down and low monthly payments
Head over to your nearest store today.

Exclusively available in-store so you can see and try the latest and best new devices before you make your decision.

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Lower monthly payment, $0 down.
The cost of your device is divided into 20 monthly payments.

Upgrade to a new
Smartphone every 12 months.

We'll pay up to $350 per line
off your existing contract.

Save on Shared Connect Plans with our best ever pricing.

Data Monthly
Data Cost
Monthly Smartphone
Connection Fee
(per line)
1GB $40 $20
4GB $70 $20
10GB $90 $10
16GB $130 $10
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Shared Connect Plans

Our best ever Retail Installment Pricing
Data Monthly
Data Cost
Monthly Smartphone
Connection Fee
(per line)
300MB $15 $20
1GB $40 $20
2GB $50 $20
3GB $60 $20
4GB $70 $20
6GB $80 $20
10GB $90 $10
12GB $110 $10
14GB $120 $10
16GB $130 $10
18GB $130 $10
20GB $150 $10
30GB $225 $10
40GB $300 $10
50GB $375 $10
70GB $560 $10
4 lines + 10 GB
$ 130 /mo.

Head to a store near you to take advantage of lower monthly payments and $0 down.

Get up to $350
to make
the switch.
It's time to switch to a carrier with local and national coverage, the latest devices and the perfect plans to fit your needs. We'll even pay off your old contract - up to $350 a line.

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