Early Upgrade Option

Get a new Smartphone every year.

Two years is a long time to have to wait before upgrading to a new Smartphone. With our new Upgrade Program for Shared Connect Plans, you can get a new Smartphone every 12 months and always have the latest and greatest in the palm of your hand.

  • No down payment
  • No activation fee
  • No upgrade fee
  • No financing fee
Upgrade Program for Shared Connect Plans

Here's How It Works

  • Select your Smartphone. There's no down payment — simply pay the sales tax. (Subject to credit approval.)
  • The cost of the phone is divided into 20 monthly payments and added to your bill each month. (A Retail Installment Contract is required.)
  • You can trade in your Smartphone after 12 months for a new one. (A new Retail Installment Contract is required.)
  • Customers on Shared Connect Plans of 6GB or less will receive a $20 discount on their Device Connection Charge. Those on plans of 10GB or higher will receive a $30 discount.
Get the latest Smartphones for the Upgrade Program on Shared Connect Plans

Visit your local U.S. Cellular® store and get started with Retail Installment Pricing today!

Things We Want You To Know

Learn About Retail Installment Pricing for Tablets

It's never been more affordable to stay connected while on the go, or on the couch.

Whether you're new to U.S. Cellular® or adding a 4G LTE™ tablet to your existing Shared Data Plan, you to spread out the cost of your tablet over 24 months, interest free.

What You Need To Know

Take advantage of convenient payment options available with Shared Connect and other selected Plans. If you are eligible, you simply pay a down payment and applicable taxes at the time of activation or upgrade. The remaining balance will be billed in 23 monthly installment payments added to your billing statement.

Tablet Financing

You will be required to sign a 24-month Retail Installment Agreement with no interest (0% APR) at the time of the activation or upgrade. If your monthly service plan is discontinued, you are still responsible for paying the remaining monthly installment payments or the remaining balance in full.

To find out if you're eligible for, and what your down payment, applicable taxes and monthly installments will be, please visit your local U.S. Cellular Retail Store.



  • Credit Approval required
  • 24 Month Retail Installment Contract with 0% APR required
  • Down payment and applicable taxes due at time of purchase
  • Data Plan required at time of purchase
  • Financed amount must be paid within the first 24 months of purchase

Visit your local U.S. Cellular store and get started with Retail Installment Pricing today!

Things We Want You To Know

* Not available for Wi-Fi only devices, accessories or Simple Connect Prepaid products and services.