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Device Types 

U.S. Cellular® offers a wide range of devices that can help you streamline your connections with employees and customers - and increase your overall productivity.


Android-powered Phones 

With Android, boost productivity with a wide range of ground-breaking products, services and apps that help you optimize communications across your mobile workforce.


BlackBerry Phones 

The BlackBerry® Wireless Solution from U.S. Cellular® enables you to stay connected, informed and organized. Leverage BlackBerry Internet Service™ or BlackBerry Enterprise Server® to respond to time-sensitive e-mail and manage your inbox while on the go.

Windows Phones

Windows Phones 

Windows® provides you with mobile versions of select Microsoft® software such as Microsoft® Office and Outlook®. It's a great way to enjoy a familiar Windows® experience when you're on the move.


Basic Phones 

Get a basic phone for a wireless business experience that allows you to stay connected in a user-friendly way.



The possibilities are endless with these handheld, high-performance devices. Get started now with a U.S. Cellular tablet and customize yours today.


Wireless Modem 

Powerful productivity tools, Wireless modems enable you to conduct business efficiently whether you're in the office or away from it. Power it up and connect your laptop and other Wi-Fi enabled devices using the Wi-Fi network name and security key displayed on the LCD.

Hot Spot

Mobile Hotspots 

Live the wireless life and connect to the Internet directly with the Mobile Hotspot. This portable powerhouse automatically switches between 3G and 4G connectivity to keep you continuously connected. You can connect directly anytime, anywhere.