Battery Tips

We know your phone is a lifeline. Use these tips to help stay connected at all times.

  • Turn off Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi.
    These features use your battery even when you are not using them.
  • Reduce the backlight brightness and backlight timeout features.
    You can do this through the settings on your device if these features are available.
  • Keep the battery charged.
    Batteries last longer if they are consistently charged before they are completely dead. You may want to create a dedicated "charging station" where you live. Plug your phone in every night. You'll always know where it is in the morning.
  • Protect the handset from temperature extremes.
    Avoid leaving your phone in the car in the winter or on hot, sunny days.
  • Use chargers from your phone's manufacturer.
    This will avoid possible damage to your battery.
  • Disable automatic updates for widgets.
    Live home screen widgets, such as those that provide automatic news and weather updates.
  • Turn off haptic feedback.
    While this feature can make typing feel more natural, it can impact battery life.
  • Upload and sync only on Wi-Fi.
    It's vastly quicker, which means less connectivity time for your phone and less strain on your battery's reserves.
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps.
    You can never be too sure what apps are running in the background, so minimize the chances of something unintended using your battery by deleting any unused or old apps.
  • Install a battery monitoring app.
    A third party battery check app can give you detailed information about how your phone's battery is being used.